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Stay in touch
with your patients

One of the distinct advantages of BotoxTreat application is that it provides the costumers with a platform that they can come into contact with several dermatologists to ask for their advice.

Get your routine after
the injection

Keep track of BotoxTreat to take care of your skin better in order to improve Botox effects for a longer time period.

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Forever be Young with BotoxTreat:
The Ultimate Mobile App to Prolong Your Botox Results

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you better

Feel free to answer the questions raised by BotoxTreat to get to know you well.

your skin

Have your skin analyzed easily via the lenses available on your IPhone or Android phone.

Get your
daily routine

You’ll have to go through a fixed routine suggestion based on your skin health score in order to deal with your major skin issues.

No matter which brand is used,
it's all about the routine

You will no longer have to spend on expensive skin products to extend your Botox injection effects. By simply following BotoxTreat routine suggestions, you can observe spectacular long-term Botox injection results.

The first two golden weeks

As it takes approximately 12 to 14 days for the body to show reactions to the injected material, it is of vital importance that patients begin the routines beforehand so that from the moment the injected material is going to affect patients’ skin, it also receives the daily care which is necessary to prolong Botox treatment results.

Daily routine until next injection

BotoxTreat application provides users with an all-in-one package to suggest that applying certain skin care products, taking necessary vitamin supplements, and doing daily and regular routines will help users to take better and constant care of their skin till they receive the subsequent Botox injection.

Glow your face and vitality to
with our best service

Enjoy your almost flawless skin and give your skin a youthful look using our practical application.

Mobile app

One platform,
Endless potential

BotoxTreat is a multifunctional application. It is far away from being one-sided, since it offers users an opportunity to have a two-way communication by receiving daily suggestions and also being in contact with dermatologists to have close consultations with them.

Desktop app

All patient data
always at your fingertips

Living in a world when people are having many tasks done simultaneously, being in a physician’s waiting list to see you might take a longer time in order to receive necessary treatment and advice. Via BotoxTreat’s telemedicine capability doctors will be able to notice their patients’ skin improvements between two subsequent sessions of receiving Botox injections using solely their smartphones and provide them with complete support at a distance.

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