The Best Way To Escape From Aging


The begining of BotoxTreat Story

It is 6:15 AM as I stand in front of the mirror, with straggly hair, the bags under my eyes, the pimples on my cheeks, and the wrinkles across my forehead.

Oh, what an awful face I have!

While I look at the puffiness under my eyes, I asked myself when will I get rid of these wrinkles?

In retrospect, I realize that just when I became 30 years old, it took me a sense of insecurity and fear. I stood in front of the mirror every single day and carefully examined my face, worried lest it wrinkles up my face. And it would be a scene of woe the day that happened.

Fear of ageing has always been one of the most significant concerns of humans notably women and I am not an exception.


how we can escape from aging?

That morning, I decided to get rid of this terrible feeling in the best manner. So, I would change my plans so that I can go shopping in the evening after work. I wish I could find a new miracle cream to eliminate all wrinkles. But my dream didn’t come true.

As you might know, most of these cosmetics are exaggerated by advertisers. Actually, I suppose advertising tricks people into buying the specific products they want, regardless of what buyers really need. Although I spent a great deal of money, I didn’t get the desired result.

Again, in the morning I was standing in front of the mirror and counting the number of wrinkles that were more than yesterday.

The use of cosmetic care products was also temporary to me while had cost me a lot.
I just had to think better!!
moody woman with wrinkles in her forehead

As time passed, on a summer day in the evening when I was taking a walk in the park near my place, I ran into an old classmate Clara. We are the same age, but I was surprised to see that her face was so vibrant, young and beautiful.
On that day, I decided to ask Clara the secret of being young and save myself from this nightmare of getting old. I told her you know me. I’m not moody, but because of my forehead wrinkles, everyone thinks I’m not happy girl and as a result they are not interested in relation with me. This has made me frustrated. She told me Don’t worry and said a magic word that entered me the new fantasy world.

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